Moon panorama, 8 April 2014.
Scope: TAL-250K. Barlow 1.5x
Filter: Astronomik IR Pro 742nm
Camera: Point Grey Blackfly BFLY-PGE-13E4M
Autostakkert!2, 250 frames of 2500.
Deconvolution Lucy-Richardson in Astra Image 4, curves, gamma
Panorama of 25 elements.

Image scale is 0.337"/pixel

This panorama is my first panorama after about 1.5 years break in astrophoto.

Camera is new to me, so the imaging parameters were not optimal and one may find some horisontal lines in low contrast areas.
Seeing was below average, although smalles details were nor washed out completely.
Nevertheless, camera is very promising due to it's high speed of 60 frames per second.

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